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Parents' Consultation Meetings letters have been sent out this week. Please return your request to the class teacher. Our latest newsletter was sent via ParentMail on Wednesday.

Learning Behaviours and Ethos

Week 7 - Our ethos is 'Don't Give up'

This an amazing short film that tells the true story of a group of young boys in Thailand who wanted to play football but lived on a tiny island with no land to build a pitch. They did not give up!

Grit: The Key to Your Success

Grit is persistence and resilience - in other words it is all about not giving up. This is a short but entertaining video which shows how important it is.

Week 6 - Our Learning Ethos was ' Be Co-operative'

We watched - The Power Of TeamWork- Good TeamWork and learned that by working as a team you can achieve the impossible!

Week 5 - Our learning Ethos is ' Enjoy Learning'

We thought about how hard it is for some people - like Dylexics - to enjoy learning .
and we all learned to skip really well!

Week 4 - Our Learning Ethos was: Use your imagination -

We read the book Rosie Revere, Engineer - Rosie was brilliant at imagining.

Learn more at about this tale of a girl who dreams of becoming an engineer.

Week 3 and our Ethos was 'Be Curious' - we learnt to ask lots of questions

Week 3 and our Ethos was  'Be Curious' - we learnt to ask lots of questions 1

Our Learning Ethos for Week 1 was 'Have a Go'

We read this book and learned that it is surprising what you can do when you have a go.
The Dot Motion Piece by Pat Malley

The Learning Brain

We have been sharing this video with all the children at school to help them understand how they learn and how we can all get better at learning.
One of the 9 films available in Successful Learners How does my brain work? What happens in my brain when Im learning? What stops my brain from learning? What can I do to develop a learning brain?


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