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Team Captains were chosen last week - Congratulations to Jude, Heidi, Janie, Max, Maisie, Tom, Abigail and Ezra. School council to be announced this week.

Pupil Premium


Pupil premium is additional money which comes into school with a specific purpose. This fund is calculated based on the number of children who are registered for Free School Meals or who have registered for free school meals at any time in their primary education.  The amount is £1,320 per eligible pupil.   This money is aimed at improving educational standards for more deprived children and closing the gap which statistically (nationally and in our school) exists between their attainment and others.  


Schools are entitled to develop and determine their own priorities for using this money but are of course accountable for showing that it has been used for the purpose stated.


 We are absolutely committed to ensuring that our Pupil Premium children have the same opportunities as their peers and over their time at our school are supported to close the gap between their academic attainment and their peers. 



The allocation in our school for 2016-2017 is £68,640. This money will be spent to support deprived children across the school. Further details are given in the strategy document below  but in brief:  this will continue to provide a non-class based SENCO / Parent Support worker to support vulnerable families ; a Teaching Assistant to work 0.5 to develop children's social and emotional health; Teaching assistant time for early language development work in Reception and Key stage1;  Teaching assistants to deliver specific learning interventions and to enable teachers to spend focused time with pupil premium children;  Some additional teacher time to allow for 1:1 or group catch-up sessions; the purchase of a reading comprehension scheme. 



  • In September 2015 we had 50 pupil premium children and received £62,000.   The distribution of pupil premium children varies across the school.

Reception             13%

Year One              18%

Year two               27%

Year Three            50%

Year Four              30%

Year Five               20%

Year Six                19%

42% of our Pupil Premium students had special educational needs.

At Ashburton Primary School we used these funds in a variety of targetted ways. 

  • To Fund our SENCO to work with groups and 1:1 to improve literacy skills and close the gap for these children
  • To Fund a trained Teaching Assistant to work with individuals and with small groups to deliver Thrive and Nurture sessions to promote better emotional and social skills to enable better engagement in school
  • To fund a Teaching assistant for 2 hours in each class
  • To subsidise school trips to make them affordable for all – especially the year 6 residential.


IN 2014-2015 - SATs Results for our Year 6 Pupil Premium children

  • All attained at or above the expected level for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.
  • All attained above the expected level in the Reading,  Maths and  Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.
  • All made at least expected progress in all subjects - 2 levels.
  • 66% made better than expected progress in Reading and Maths  - 3 levels.




pupil premium report 2013-2014 and 2014-2015