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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Classteacher: Mrs Helen Roser (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri)
                       Mrs Sonia McCauley (Weds)
Teaching assistant: Mr Robert Southgate . 

Well done Year 6! We are now halfway through the year and the focus and hard work hasn't stopped. At the end of last term,  they presented their class assembly which was based on their learning about Europe. The class planned and wrote the assembly themselves and it proved to be a fantastic assembly to end the halfterm.

This term, our PE lessons have focused on learning and playing Handball. Over the last few weeks, we have been taught new skills by Mr Southgate and have had lots of fun trying them out in games. 

This week we went to see 'School of Rock' at South Dartmoor Community College. It was a fantastic show and so lovely to see some faces that we knew performing on the stage. We also had a brilliant time at River Dart Country Park where we had the opportunity to test our bravery on some very challenging activities! Whilst in the classroom, we have been focusing our learning on fractions and both Heidi and Max did a fantastic job as teachers to the rest of the class! The week was rounded off with the school Christmas Fair and fun was had by all as we sold our Christmas stockings and helped out with the running of the event. This year we are having a 'Pay it Forward Calendar' in the classroom and trying hard to think of ways that we can show how much we think of and care about other people.

Our Star Writers!

Our Star Writers! 1 A fantastic numeracy explanation by Juan
Our Star Writers! 2 Lil has reviewed our trip to SDCC

Our star writers for this week!

Our star writers for this week! 1 Julia's historical account of Drake
Our star writers for this week! 2 Noah's historical account of Drake

This week has been a busy return to school. We all enjoyed sharing the home-learning projects that we have been working on for the last few weeks. It is amazing to see how creative and different they are although some of the Tudor food proved to be a little strange!  The week was rounded off with The Golden Mile, which had everyone (including Mrs Roser and Mr Southgate ), running around the field for 4 minutes. It was great fun and proved to be quite a challenge for some of us! We will be continuing with this throughout the term to see how far we can run as a class.

It is hard to believe that we have already completed our first half term of the year. This week we have been focusing on our learning from the last six weeks and thinking about what we have achieved and what our next steps are. I think we were all surprised with how much we had achieved and it was lovely to share it at our parent meetings this week. On Wednesday we were treated to a music workshop with two professional mucisians who taught us to play Samba music - it was amazing! We also had a fantastic time on Thursday learning about Diwali and created some beautiful Rangoli patterns and clay lamps. Our Tudor portraits are finished and hanging around the corridors upstairs and they are brilliant so do pop in and see them sometime. To finish the week Juan brought his electric guitar and amp into school and played Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi to us all  - well done Juan!


Our star writer this week is Ben!

Our star writer this week is Ben! 1 Ben's writing is clearly organised for his reader

This week we have been very busy once again! After lots of planning and thinking, we have finally started writing our 'over-coming the monster' stories and they are going to be fantastic! Our numeracy learning has focused on dividing and we now have methods that we can use and can also explain why we use them. As part of our topic learning, we have been given the question - Was Francis Drake a hero or a pirate? This week we started to collect information about him that we will then be able to use in our debate. We really enjoyed our invasion festival at SDCC on Thursday and had a lovely afternoon of developing our skills in the sunshine with children from other primary schools. 

13/10/17 This week's writers

13/10/17 This week's writers 1 Benjy's story has started well...
13/10/17 This week's writers 2 Abigail has built tension in her writing

This week we have been sharing our writing to discuss how we can build tension in our fiction writing. As part of our numeracy learning we have been trying to solve missing number calculations and then explain how we managed to solve them. Milly's work is a great example of this. At the end of the week we finally managed to work on our portraits again and they are starting to look fantastic!

Our Wonderful Writers!

Our Wonderful Writers! 1 Megan's report shows her learning about portraits.
Our Wonderful Writers! 2 Lyra has created atmosphere in her fiction writing

Creating Tudor portraits as the final task for our first history unit of learning

Topic Learning with Year 5

Today we met our buddies for the first time!

Learning and working together

The current Curriculum planning for Year Six  can be viewed and downloaded from the link below. 


If you have any questions about the curriculum or end of year expectations or would like more information about how you can help please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Helen Roser.