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Headteacher: Miss Tammy Docking

Whistley Hill, Ashburton, TQ13 7DW

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Keep up the great home learning!


Welcome to Reception


Class teacher: Mrs Jenny Potter.

Teaching assistant: Mrs Trayling 

Hello again. I hope you are starting to enjoy the Easter holidays. We are not setting any work during the holidays but have created this Easter Bingo chart with ideas on for you to have a go at if you wish. We'd love to see any photos of the activities you have a go at. Happy holidays, hoping you all stay safe.

We hope that you are all managing to keep active and if possible get out into the sunshine. Here is a link for PE activities that you can try at home.

Keep smiling and keep moving!

Hello Reception children we are thinking of you.

Hello Reception children we are thinking of you. 1

Hello everyone at home.

Mrs. Trayling and I wanted to say Hi and thank you for staying home. We hope you are enjoying lots of family time together. Hopefully you have your learning pack and just to remind you that is for the whole week. We will be setting more work on the Monday after the Easter holidays. Please share lots of stories together, get some fresh air and keep active. We have suggested many online activities but we also don't want to encourage too much screen time. Please, please remember learning should be fun and if either of you are not having fun try again later. Please look after each other. Tell your children we are thinking of them. Warm wishes to you all. Jenny Potter.

Friendship reading club is every Monday and Thursday lunchtime. Reception children are invited in to listen to stories read by Yr5 and 6 children.

We went on a bear hunt and ended up in a bubble snow storm!

We met our Year Six buddies. They look out for us on the playground and around school. They also come and read stories to us.

We are Reception class 2019!

We are Reception class 2019! 1
We are Reception class 2019! 2

What an amazing first two weeks of school we have all had together. We have been looking out for each other, helping each other, learning lots of new names and routines. Mrs. Potter thinks this Reception class is very kind and helpful.