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Headteacher: Miss Tammy Docking

Whistley Hill, Ashburton, TQ13 7DW

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Year 2 trip to Kents Cavern Monday 24th June, Police visit to school on Tuesday 25th June, Year 1 visit to Dartmoor on Tuesday 25th June, Summer Fair on Tuesday 29th

Core Purpose, Vision, Aims and Values

Core Purpose
The school has a crystal clear core purpose - to put children and learning at the heart of everything we do.   


Children are INSPIRED to develop their talents and love learning.

Children BELIEVE in themselves and their abilities.

Children DISCOVER and enjoy a wide range of experiences.

Children ACHIEVE their full potential in all subjects.

Children BELONG to a caring community, which cares about the past, present and future of its environment.

Our Aims  

Our Aims


  • Provide a learning environment for all our staff and pupils where everyone is treated as an individual, with opportunities to achieve their full potential and enjoy all aspects of school life.
  • Teach a topic-based curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to succeed in life.
  • Our curriculum will ensure our children are exposed to a range of opportunities including day & residential trips, external visitors to the school and learning through play to facilitate and make children’s learning enjoyable.  
  • Promote British Values in order to prepare children for their role in society, as confident, happy and tolerant citizens.
  • Children will be encouraged to be independent, using imagination and resourcefulness to lead their own learning and lines of enquiry and make links with prior learning.
  • Pupils will be supported to persevere with problem solving challenges, in a range of contexts throughout their school life. This will help children to build resilience and develop an understanding of how to overcome challenges.
  • Collaboration and teamwork will be developed in all aspects of school life, so that pupils learn how to support and communicate effectively with each other and build positive relationships. 
  • Teachers and pupils will approach teaching and learning in a creative way; enabling the development of inquisitive and flexible minds. 
  • Awareness and strategies for promoting good mental health will be a high priority for all members of the school community and will support lifelong emotional well-being.
  • Physically healthy lifestyles are encouraged at every opportunity and are modelled by staff so that children understand the importance of good choices for the duration of their lives. Physical activity takes place regularly.
  • All children will understand how to stay safe and who to talk to about safety & well-being.
  • Children will form relationships with other children in different classes and age groups through buddy systems, and our school teams comprise of students from all year groups, creating a family-feel. 
  • We will work in partnership with families, and find opportunities for pupils to share their learning experiences with parents and carers in open mornings and events.  
  • We aim to use our locality as a starting point for many areas of learning, whilst ensuring pupils understand their place in the wider world. 
  • We take a holistic view of every individual, and provide a range of extra -curricular clubs and events to encourage children to try new experiences and develop areas of interest.


Our core value at Ashburton Primary School is Respect. The whole school community believe it is important that we all respect ourselves, each other and our environment. 


We hope this website will give you a real sense of life in our happy, busy and productive school. To find out more, please ring with any questions or to arrange a visit. 

Thank you
Miss Tammy Docking - Headteacher