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Keep up the great home learning!

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Class teachers : Mrs Etherton 
Teaching Assistants:  Miss Hanniford 

Please see photos below of our class and our learning as well as links to our curriculum planning

Happy Easter Holidays Year Two! 

I hope you are all happy and staying healthy! 

There is no school home learning for the next two weeks as it is supposed to be your Easter Holiday break. But, we thought you might like to do an Easter challenge.

Mrs Wilson's Egg-cellent Bingo Challenge is attached below. 

Please email messages and pictures of how you get on with the challenge to

I will email you a special certificate if you complete the challenge. 

Have fun!

Mrs Wilson's Egg-cellent Easter Challenge Bingo

I hope that you are all managing to keep active and if possible get out into the sunshine. Here is a link for PE activities that you can try at home.

Keep smiling and keep moving!

Good morning Year 2!

Here are some things for your home learning this week. These are for you to use if you think they will be helpful. Having a timetable can really help you to organise your day - you can also design your own. Each day try to do plenty of different things and be as creative as you can.This might be a time to learn a new skill as well.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine,

Mrs Etherton

Science Week Year Two

Thank you to Mrs White, who came in and supported our Science sessions during National Science Week. We learnt all about working as scientists, observing carefully and recording our findings. 

Superheroes Past and Present

Spring Term 2019

A Visit from Guide Dogs For the Blind

Linked to our work about 'superhero' Louis Braille, we had a visit from volunteers working for The Guide Dogs For the Blind. The inspiring volunteers explained how dogs are trained to support blind people. The children were delighted to be able to stroke both Captain and Frank who came along with the volunteers. Next, we will be writing our names in braille and finding out about Louis Braille, a famous person from the past, who invented braille and has helped thousands of blind people.  Heroes past and present!

Christmas Art in Year 2: Thank you Mrs Hills

Autumn B

Could a Penguin Ride a Bike?

Year 2 watercolours following Barn Owl Trust Visit

A visit from The Barn Owl Trust

A visit from The Barn Owl Trust 1
A visit from The Barn Owl Trust 2
A visit from The Barn Owl Trust 3

Autumn A

Lost and Found Around the World

Year 2 Lost and Found Around the World Planner to share with parents

Year 2 Skipping Workshop Fun

Summer A

Castles, Knights and Dragons

Castles, Knights and Dragons Planner for parents

Year 2 Bubble Time

Outdoor Classroom- Castle Roleplay Fun

Year Two Visit to Totnes Castle

Spring A

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion planner for parents information

Shelter Building and Campfire fun at River Dart Country Park

We spent a fun-packed afternoon at River Dart building shelters in the woods. Our teamwork skills and creativity were put to the test. The result was four amazing shelters each with their own unique luxeries; outdoor showers, helicoptor landing pads, play parks, computers, stepping stones and fully carpeted floors! We ended the afternoon snuggled around the campfire singing some crazy action songs which have now been integrated into our DPA collection! 

A Frosty Morning in Year 2

We arrived at school this morning to find everything coated in a beautiful frost. We decided to pop out onto the school field and investigate. We used magnifying glasses to observe the frosty crystals. It was lots of fun and helped us develop our scientific observation skills. 

The Fire Service Visits Year 2

We had an exciting morning learning about how to keep safe in the event of a fire. Have a look at some of our work to see what we learnt! 

International Detective Daniel Stone

visits Year 2

Year two have been working for International detective, Daniel Stone since September. We've been helping him solve mysteries and sending him letters and information to support his top secret, undercover investigations. Until now we hadn't met him as he was away in India, Antarctica and then The Arctic Circle. Today that all changed when he popped in to visit us and collect the blue diamond ring we have been looking after for him. He will be returning it to its rightful owner when he visits her in Edinborough later this week. 

While he was here, he told us stories of his adventutes in India, where he saw a real tiger. He also explained what it was like to live in the Arctic. 

Thank you Daniel Stone! See you again soon!

What's your favourite...? Year 2 collecting data for our pictograms

Year Two 2017-18

Autumn Term B

Arctic Adventures

Year 2 Writing December 2017

We really enjoyed reading the book 'Could a Penguin Ride a Bycycle'. We wrote our own versions based on the patterns of this text but using our favourite animals.  

Arctic Science: Exploring what happens to ice

Autumnal Adventures at River Dart Country Park

Year Two had a fantasticly adventurous time at River Dart Country Park today. Zooming down the zip wire, balancing along obsticle courses, flying down curly, whirly slides and most importantly building confidence to 'have-a-go'. Many children proved themselves as supportive team members too! 

Year 2 Writers of the Week

Year 2 Writers of the Week 1
Year 2 Writers of the Week 2



Autumn Term A

Lost and Found Around the World

Please click below for a copy of this half term's planning.

This week's Year Two writers

This week we have been working building stamina in writing. We have been putting a single line through mistakes. We have been reading our writing back with a 'lolly stick' and using our green editing pens to make corrections. Well done to Aiden and Emma for their letters to Daniel Stone who is feeling homesick. 

Year Two visit the woods

This week Year Two received a letter from Daniel Stone who is currently solving a mystery in the jungle near to Chembakolli, in India. He is feeling homesick and missing the British woodlands. We decided to visit the woods on our school grounds and take some photos for him to make him feel better. We discovered lots of signs of Autumn and thanks to Vida we learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees. 

Well done to Remeykah and Millie for their writing in Science. We like the way your sentences are clear, tou've had a good go at spellings and you have used punctuation. 


Well done to Daniel for his letter to Mrs Lee-Gammage requesting permission for Danile Stone to have his office in our computer room. We like the way you have used your green pen to make corrections. Your letter worked! Mrs Lee-Gammage says "yes".

Year 2's Garden

We have been enjoying harvesting the fruits and vegetables from the Year 2 garden and the school field. We have been practising our science skills by observing and recording carefully. 

Year 2 Jobs

Year 2 pupils applied for jobs around the classroom. We have Computer Technicians, Hydration Officers, a Director of Tidy Cloakroom, Book Distributors, Gardeners and more...

A visit from Josh's puppy

Thank you to Josh for bringing in his gorgeous puppy and answering questions from the class.

Summer Term Second Half 2017

Rockpool Rap

Autumn Term (first half) Planner

Lost and Found

Year 2 Jobs

On arriving into Year 2, pupils applied for classroom jobs.

We have now appointed register monitors, furniture managers, hydration officers, botanists, pencil pot managers, resource distributors, date scribe, general helpers and a visual timetable monitor. So our classroom should work like clockwork now!