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Christmas Jumper Day - December 11th!

Year 4

Welcome to Year  4


Class teacher: Mrs Katie Gilbert and Miss Mount
See our class photos below. 
The current Topic planning for Year Four can be viewed and downloaded from the link below.

Detailed information about expectations in Literacy and Maths for all year groups - including Year Four can also be viewed and downloaded below. 
If you have any questions about the curriculum or end of year expectations or would like more information about how you can help please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Gilbert.

Our Current Learning - Autumn B

Below are the learning overviews for this half term


Thursday 19th October 2020


Home Learning

Spellings - ou making the u sound - rough, double, courage etc

TT Rockstars - This week we are challenging Year 6 to a Battle of the Bands! 

MyMaths - 6 x table activity

Reading -  please make sure you are reading to an adult at least 4 times a week. 

Thursday 12th November

Home Learning

* Spellings (eigh and ey spellings)

* TT Rockstars battle with Year 3

* Reading (at least 4 times with an adult)

* My Maths (multiplying by 10 and 100)

Roman Topic Hook Day

Thursday 5th November

Year 4 Home Learning


Spelling - il, im, in prefixes

TT Rockstars

MyMaths - addition and subtraction

Reading - 4 times with an adult

Autumnal Art!

Following on from our volcanic collages, we planned an autumn collage using fallen leaves and twigs to reflect the browns, reds, oranges, yellows and greens that you see at this time of year. We used double-sided sticky tape as our fixative and created the trunk from bits of leaves and the branches from small twigs, all of which creates lots of different shades and textures.

Autumnal Art

Thursday 15th October 2020

Home Learning

* MyMaths - This week I have set you 3 different MyMaths activities that are revision of the 3, 4 and 8 times tables from your learning in Year 3. It is not necessary to complete all the activities this week but please do at least one.

* TT Rockstars - This week we were third in the race to be the class that clocked up the most minutes of practise. Let's see if we can beat the other classes this week!

*Spellings - This week you have a mixture of spellings that are revision from last year. These are words that we use quite regularly but are often spelling incorrectly in our writing. 

*Reading - Well done to everyone who has finished a book (or two!) this week and taken a quiz on Accelerated Reader. Please remember to bring your book back to school every day. 

Thursday 8th October

This week the home learning tasks for Year 4 are:

TT Rockstars - please practise on Garage for at least 10 minutes this week.

Remember, we are now competing with Year 2 - 6 to see which class can spend the most minutes practising their times tables before Christmas so every minute counts!

MyMaths - Rounding activity

Reading - Please read with an adult 4 times a week

Spelling - This week our new year 4 spellings are a mixture of previous years that need some revision.

Thursday 1st October 2020


My Maths - Roman Numerals

TT Rockstars - please practice your tables in the Garage section.

Reading - at least 4 times a week to an adult

Spelling - this week we are looking a homophones as well as having another go at the tion and sion words from last week. 

Thursday 24th September 2020

MyMaths - negative numbers

TT Rockstars - Practise the times tables sin the Garage section

Spellings - tion and sion sound

Reading - at least 4 times a week with an adult



Thursday 17th September

Home Learning

1) Spellings - these have been stuck in home work books and are also attached in a file below.

2) MyMaths - this week's activity is about place value in hundreds and thousands.

3) Reading - keep reading and quizzing on your Accelerated Reader books. Please remember to read to an adult 4 times a week.



Thursday 10th September 2020

Hello Year 4!


This week your home learning is :

*1 MyMaths Task

*1 set of spellings to learn (these are stuck in your homework book) but they have also been included in an attachment below

*Reading at least 4 times a week to an adult if possible


Please remember to ask if you are not sure about anything.

Mrs Gilbert smiley