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Well Done to Everyone for completing their Home Learning - All the staff have loved seeing the work being sent in - Please keep sending work to the class emails.

Year 4

Welcome to Year  4


Class teacher: Mrs Katie Gilbert and Miss Kellman (Wednesday mornings)
 Teaching assistants: Mrs Elaine Watkins, Mrs Liz Hayward, 
See our class photos below. 
The current Topic planning for Year Four can be viewed and downloaded from the link below.

Detailed information about expectations in Literacy and Maths for all year groups - including Year Four can also be viewed and downloaded below. 
If you have any questions about the curriculum or end of year expectations or would like more information about how you can help please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Gilbert.

Home Learning for the Summer Term

Happy Monday Year 4!

I hope you are all well and ready for another great week of home learning! Thank you to those of you who sent in your Mission Possible stories. I am really going to enjoy reading them!

This week I have included a Maths Reasoning paper rather than the normal arithmetic paper - so let me know how you get on with it.

Keep up with the reading and remember to quiz on Accelerated Reader when you finish a book.

Well done Year 4 - you are doing really well.

Mrs Gilbert

Hello Year 4!

Please could you remember to send me photos of your Mission Possible stories or the shorter writing tasks that you have completed last week. I am really looking forward to reading them!

A big well done to the children who completed Accelerated Reader quizzes this week - you know who you are!!

Keep up the good work Year 4 smiley

Mrs Gilbert 


Our Learning

Good Morning Year 4!

Well done to everyone who has got involved with the home learning this week. I have seen some great effort on the arithmetic papers and I am really looking forward to reading your finished Mission Impossible stories at the end of this week. 


I am very sorry but I realised too late that I uploaded the wrong White Rose Maths worksheets last week. I am going to upload week 8 and week 9 this week so you do the ones that you didn't last week! Sorry for the confusion. 


I hope you have a great week. Please remember to send details of your learning to be via email and I always love to see photos of what you have been up to. Well done to the children who are regularly using  Accelerated Reader to quiz - we have some reading superstars in Year 4!


Keep up the good work smiley

Mrs Gilbert


P.S I have added a file of 'alternative week 8 White Rose Sheets' for those who have already covered the decimal work. Keep up the good work smiley

Hello Year 4!

I hope you are all well and had a good weekend. I was very pleased to see that lots more of you have started to send me emails with details about your learning. I would love to see even more of you quizzing on Accelerated Reader if you can get your hands on a book or read one on Oxford Owl. Please remember, you can take a quiz on ANY book that you enjoy reading!


This week, we are continuing with the theme of change. One of the activities this week is a great opportunity for you to share all the information we learnt about children living in Viking, Tudor or Victorian times and how their lives were different from ours today. You can present your learning however you wish but please do send me on a photo so I can see what you think are the most important differences. 


Please remember to do your self portrait this week if you haven't already. I have received two so far and they are beautiful so will look great on your reports. 


I hope you are keeping safe and busy!


Mrs Gilbertsmiley






Year 4 Home learning gallery 8/6/20 - 14/6/20

Hello Year 4

I hope you have been enjoying the learning this week. I have heard that lots of you have completed and enjoyed the arithmetic test and some people have even asked for more! I have also had some fabulous stories emailed to me which I really enjoyed reading.


Please remember to send me in photos of your learning to the class email address so that I can see what you have been doing. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch this week. 


Keep going with the learning Year 4. I would love to see some of your reading comprehension activities this week.


Stay safe,

Mrs Gilbert

Home learning gallery 1st-7th June

Hello Year 4!

Welcome to the last half of the Summer Term! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves in  the sunshine and are ready to get back to some super home learning now. 

Thank you very much to the children who have sent me their 'King of Fishes' stories - the ones that I have read have been brilliant and I really enjoyed reading them.

A very big well done to the children who have sent me photos of their arithmetic paper already - you are all very keen! If you would like another, please just email to ask.

I hope to see lots more Accelerated Reader quizzes this week.   A big thumbs up to all  the children who have been keeping up with them. I am hoping that you can all do one this week. Remember, you can do the quizzes on any books you are reading at home and if you have run out of books to read, you can find online books at Oxford Owl. 

I have uploaded a new Talk For Writing unit called Mission Possible and I look forward to seeing how you get on with the first four activities.


I hope you are keeping busy and enjoying yourselves outside as much as possible. 

I am thinking of all of you and very much looking forward to seeing the work you send in to me this week.

Please email with with any questions you might have at


Keep safe Year 4!

Mrs Gilbert



Happy Half Term Year 4!

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent photos and emailed me about their learning. There are some real superstars keeping up with all the MyMaths work and Accelerated Reader quizzes. I am very proud of the hard work that you have been putting in to completing all the activities and even creating some of your own. 


Next week, is half term to you can have a break from the learning and enjoy the beautiful weather. You can still catch up with the MyMaths activities if you have some (or lots) to do! I check every day and it makes me so happy when I see that more have been done. laughOf course, you can keep taking quizzes on the books you are reading for fun at home as well. 


Thank you very much to the children who sent me in their own story from 'The King of Fishes' unit. Remember you can ask me not to share on the website if you wish. 

You can still send me photos of what you have been doing if you would like to.


Our puppy, Fitz is having his second lot of vaccinations on Sunday so we can take him out for walks and show him off. I am looking forward to that. smiley


Take care Year 4 and have lots of fun!

Mrs Gilbert




Monday 18th May 2020

Hello Year 4! Welcome to Week 6 of this Summer term. This week, we will be continuing with our topic of Sea Voyages. I really enjoyed seeing the information and drawings that were sent in about The Mayflower last week. I hope you are finding it interesting.  

In English this week, it is our final week of The King of Fishes and I have really enjoyed seeing your planning stages of this topic. I am excited to read all the stories that you will be writing this week - I am especially excited to see what animals you will choose to write about. 

If you have already finished your story, there are some additional writing activities for you to try including a non-chronological report about anything related to the sea that you are interested in. I am sure there are some children in our class who will be excited to write about the underwater world!

This week, you are being asked to practise some yoga poses - I think that's definitely a chance for a photo opportunity to share in our gallery! I hope you enjoy the yoga and you can try one of our Peace Out meditations afterwards. 

Keep sending in your pictures and videos for me to see. I love seeing them and they always brighten up my day. I am missing you all and hope that you are enjoying the sunshine and working hard smiley

Mrs Gilbert

Learning Gallery 15th May 2020

Well done for another week of fantastic home learning Year 4! I do love to see what you have been doing so keep sending those pictures to:

Our learning gallery

Year 4 have been learning new skills!

Still image for this video
Eloise has been learning to tie her shoelaces. What a useful skill Eloise - well done!

Ffion Riding a Bike.mp4

Still image for this video
Ffion has learnt to tie her shoelaces and ride her bike! Good perseverance Ffion!

Issy and Elsie Screen

Still image for this video
Elsie and her sister have been learning how to screen print to help make packaging for their parent's business. Creative and helpful - well done girls!

Monday 11th May

Hello Year 4! 

I hope you have watched the YouTube video. I hope we will be able to do more soon (I was very nervous though!)

Our new topic this week is Sea Voyages and through your learning you may find out more about the Mayflower 400 Celebrations.

This week, I hope to see lots of you completing MyMaths activities and Accelerated Reader quizzes. I am also really looking forward to finding out how long you brush your teeth for every week!! Remember to send your photos to me at our class email.

I hope you are enjoying the Talk For Writing unit. I know that some of you have even finished the whole unit! Please remember to send me photos of the different activities or ask for help that you need or even just to say hello.

Take care Year 4!

Mrs Gilbert



Accelerated Reader

Hello Year 4! I just wanted to say a very big Well Done to those children who have been taking Accelerated Reader quizzes. Some children have already taken 4 quizzes since the beginning of May!


Please can you remember to take quizzes on the books you are reading. It does not matter if you are reading the level you normally read in school - I would still love to see how you are getting on and what you are reading. I know it is difficult to find books at the moment because we are not at school but we have provided links to online reading materials like the Oxford Owl website. I know some of you have used it already and found books you have enjoyed.


If you are having trouble logging on to the Accelerated Reader website, please email me at our class email address and I will help you. I really look forward to seeing more of these quiz results this week.


Keep up all the good work Year 4!

Mrs Gilbert



Hello Year 4!

Below are some lovely photos that have been sent in to share. It is so nice to see what you have been doing (and your smiling faces!). Please do keep sending in photos and emailing me to let me know how you are getting on.

Thank you for my lovely email Remey - it made my day to hear everything you have been up to smiley.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to come back to this page on Monday to find out all about your home learning for next week.

Keep safe

Mrs Gilbert

Our Learning from Week 4

Welcome to another week Year 4!smiley

Hello, how are you all?

Thank you once again for all of your fantastic learning - we hope that you have enjoyed sharing the pictures and seeing what the rest of your class have been doing. 

It has also been great to see how many of you are catching up with the MyMaths activities and working hard on TT Rockstars. Please keep reading. You can take quizzes on Accelerated Reader for any level of book that you want to read! It is really good practise to keep up with these quizzes.


Don't forget that this week is shorter because Friday is a bank holiday to mark VE Day. Please send us any photos of things that you do - maybe dress up in red, white and blue or make some bunting? There are activities and video clips to watch on this website where you can learn more about it. 


I hope that you have fun with your learning this week - hopefully you will enjoy the Talk for Writing story and activities. 

Keep in touch letting us know what you have been getting up to and remember to send in your pictures.

Keep safe and keep smiling!

Mrs Gilbert


Work from week 3

Hello Year 4 smiley

I have been checking the MyMaths and can see that some of you have been very busy this week catching up with the activities. 

I have set you all one Money activity and there will be more next week about Time

If you are not sure whether you are up to date, please log on and check. None of the activities have been completed by everyone yet. Lets aim to get them 100% complete!

Remember, you can email to let me know if you are having any problems or if you would just like to tell me you have done it!

Keep safe, 

Mrs Gilbert

Hello Year 4!

How are you all?

Thank you so much for all your messages and photos last week. I really enjoyed hearing from you and being able to see some lovely smiling faces and creative work in the photos that you sent in.

The theme for your home learning in week 3 is 'Space'. I am very much looking forward to receiving photos of your work.

Please keep going with the TT Rockstars and quizzes on Accelerated Reader - I can check everyday to see what you have been up to and it gives me great information about about the progress you are making. 

I hope you have a great week learning, having fun, keeping fit and most importantly staying safe. Keep smiling!

Mrs Gilbert smiley

PS There is a document with information about finding books to read online if you have finished your school books. It also contains information about lots of places you can listen to books being read aloud online- for free.

Hello Year 4! 

How are you all? I am missing you all so much!! I hope you had a nice Easter and have been enjoying spending time with your families.


I have been busy at home looking after my two children and trying to make sure they do their home learning! I am having to be super bossy to make them concentrate 😄.


I hope you have been getting on well with the home learning that we have set. Remember, we have a new email address now just for Year 4 so you can send me photos of your work or use it to ask me any questions you have about the work. 


After we finish the home learning, we have been playing in the garden and going on a walk or scooter every afternoon. It's been so nice to be out in the sunshine 🌞. I hope you have found different ways to keep active as well. 


I keep checking TT Rockstars to see who has been busy earning coins! You can also check on MyMaths to see if you have anything you need to catch up with on there. 


Please stay safe and keep smiling. I hope we can see each other soon. 

​​​​​​Mrs Gilbert 😄

Hello Year 4!
Here is our learning gallery to show off the brilliant home learning that you have sent in to us. We have really enjoyed seeing what you have been doing.

Let's see how many pictures we can have next week in our 'Learning Gallery'. Please send your pictures to our new class email address which is:

We are so keen to see your learning but please remember that we will only add them to the gallery if you want us to share them with everyone.

As well as learning, it is very important for you to look after yourself and enjoy spending time with your family and pets (if you have them) and do things that you enjoy doing - be creative!

Keep up the good work Y4 and remember to keep smiling! 

Mrs Gilbertsmiley

Remey has been very busy with her new hobby - kickboxing. She has been participating in online classes and achieved a Silver award- well done Remey!

Remey has been very busy with her new hobby - kickboxing. She has been participating in online classes and achieved a Silver award- well done Remey! 1

Year 4's Home Learning

Happy Easter Holidays Year Four! 

I hope you are all well, happy and enjoying time with your families.  I certainly missed seeing you at school for the last week of term! I expect you will be missing each other too. Perhaps you could write letters to each other to keep up that lovely writing.

Because the next two weeks are the Easter holiday, we have set you an Easter challenge rather than more home learning. Mrs Gilbert's Egg-cellent Bingo Challenge is attached below. 

Please email messages and pictures of how you get on with the challenge to

I will email you a special certificate if you complete the challenge. 

Keep yourselves safe and have fun!

Mrs Gilbertlaugh

Egg-cellent Easter Bingo

I hope that you are all managing to keep active and if possible get out into the sunshine. Here is a link for PE activities that you can try at home.

Keep smiling and keep moving!

Good morning Year 4!

Here are some things for your home learning this week. These are for you to use if you think they will be helpful. Having a timetable can really help you to organise your day - you can also design your own. Each day try to do plenty of different things and be as creative as you can. This might be a time to learn a new skill as well.

Stay fabulous, take care and enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Gilbert J

Tree Planting at the Druid Wood

Making Christmas decorations for the Christmas Fair!

This half term Year 4 are investigating States of Matter. We have been learning about the differences between solids, liquids and gases with different practical activities.

States of Matter - investigating evidence of gases around us.

The children are enjoying the last unit of our Childhood Crazes Through the Ages topic. Today, they all made their own kites which will be going on display before we take them out to fly.

Let's go and fly a kite!

Let's go and fly a kite!

Tennis Coaching - we have been enjoying tennis lessons with a coach from Bovey Tracey.

As part of our Childhood Crazes Through the Ages topic, Year 3 and 4 have been learning to play nursery rhymes on the glockenspiel and have had the opportunity to compose their own.

Nursery rhyme creation!

Exciting Electricity!